Being Digital Savvy and Providing Mobile Self-Service Is No Longer ‘Optional’

New technology excites and drives economic advancements, sometimes for necessary reasons as during the wars of the last century and sometimes for reasons more cerebral as driven by the iPhone and other ground breaking devices. With these advancements comes the same mix of early adopters and late to market buyers and the struggle to make the right decision at the right time for the business.

In this digital age where generation X, generation  Y & more recently the often labeled ‘entitled’ generation Z,  expect to be able to transact with businesses on their terms in a mode of self-service with which they are comfortable.

As businesses examine customer experience plans, their applications, mobile & digital services, keeping up with compliance, demand and technology enablement, becomes not just necessary but critical to survival and advancement.

My blogs will talk to any technology advancement that is of interest to my network, clients and business progress. At present key areas of discussion include the cloud, open-source, ease of development, IoT, Gartner’s Hype Cycle and advances in self-service options for small and medium business in addition to large enterprises.

I live in Canada which tends to be more cautious in technology adoption and gaining the longest possible yard of ROI from technology acquisitions. Of course, due to the USA Patriot Act, Canadian business have not wanted to generally use US based cloud solutions, as a matter of the principle of personal privacy.

I provide current information and guidance around technology possibilities for any size business and share articles that I believe will be helpful to my business community of followers from Twitter, my network on LinkedIn and my clients.

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