Thanks For Visiting The Blogging Dad!

So, why The Blogging Dad? If you’ve visited my site in the past you will know that I have mixed personal service experience with professional discussions and honestly, I think that it made for a mixed, and slightly dull, message.

I finally wanted to take my blog to a more personal level that reflects who I am and what I think, hopefully engaging the blog followers and casual readers in an entertaining and sometimes informative manner.

I liked the idea of BloggerDad, or perhaps less so, BlogDaddy (nahh, too close to ‘sugar’ or “Go-“), so I did what we all should do before embarking on a significant change, I Googled it. Surprise, surprise (not), the first link was to a site last updated in 2012 but sitting there quietly taking away my thunder. I found “” – really? Then, below that “”. I decided to play with some alternatives still keeping the dad thing in the mix. For some obscure reason my daughter whose first language is French calls me father, more than daddy, I tried both of those in a mix of titles and they either sounded too religious or too stupid. Think “WhoseYourDaddy” or “The BlogFather” and you start to see how bad it got. Eventually, I decided to keep it simple (stupid, for those that care about completeness), and I came up with “The Blogging Dad” quite simply because, that’s what I am.

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My personal website is in no way affiliated to my work and all comments herein, within social media or on TripAdvisor, are my own thoughts etc., etc.

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