Contact center leaders focus on the INTELLIGENCE layer for business optimization

It’s bugging me. Next generation contact centers and SIP in the same sentence are almost meaningless. “Grow your contact centre on SIP”, as if it’s a panacea. It just supports the transport communications for voice, that’s it! It doesn’t even transport the voice itself, that’s happening on another part of the network! Basically, to provide contact centre technology you have to work with most of the physical or network layer stuff that’s out there, period.

If you make the statement that you are delivering a “next generation” solution in the contact center space, you really need to step up to it. To sit back on the idea of SIP being some kind of godsend is ridiculous. Its great, it helps, but in no way is it the foundation of the value you want from a contact center. What’s a big trend in large companies right now? Isn’t it questioning how to get all that business data together to be actionable? It’s known as “big data”. Being able to leverage this intelligence layer effectively will be a business differentiator for you. Being able to improve your operations, your agent quality, your customer experience will impact your future business position.

How then will your next generation contact center leverage big data and the intelligence layer above it to drive value to your business and efficiency to your operations?

To help explain my thoughts on this take a look at the picture below.


Focal Area - Intelligence
Focal Area – Intelligence

Food for thought?